Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lake Tahoe: Day Three...

Day three was my absolute favorite day of all!  We had a tee time at the most beautiful golf courses ever, Edgewood.  Edgewood is where the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship is held every July on NBC.  This golf course is the reason Ken and I wanted to visit Lake Tahoe.  After watching it on TV, we quickly put Lake Tahoe on our list of places we must visit.

We started of the day with a little shopping and a latte date.

Ken enjoying his latte

Shopping and drinking lattes, two things I definitely excel at

Warning:  tons and tons of pictures ahead, I went into picture overload!

Pulling into the golf course

It was such a pretty golf course

The clubhouse was so pretty.  I loved this view with the clock.

We arrived a little early so that Ken could hit a few balls.  I enjoyed walking around and taking a few pictures.

I love this picture

There were a few ducks in this little pond right by the driving range.  Me being the animal lover that I am, I had to stop by to tell them hello.

I took a turn on the putting green

See the big mountain behind us? We hiked up that sucker a few days later.

I could not decide which picture I liked better, so I am posting both of them.  :)  These are my favorite two pictures of us from the entire trip.  

Since I am huge on customer service, I must mention that this golf course was absolutely top notch.  They had every detail you could possibly think of.  It was such a nice course and I would highly recommend anyone considering playing it to do so.  It was gorgeous and very well run.

Ken putting

See little Ken in the big trees?  This was one of my favorite holes.  There were these squirrels that were violently chasing each other up and down and around the trees.  I stood there for several minutes just watching these little hooligans.  

Look who is putting!

And guess who made it?

You are probably wondering if I participate in golf with Ken.  That would be a negative.  I am Ken's Caddy.  That's right, I drive the cart, order the beer, and offer up encouragement and criticism.  I also name the golf clubs.  The funny part is, Ken knows the golf clubs names.  If he wants his sand wedge, he knows to ask for Sandy and if he wants the pitching wedge, he has to ask for Penny.  I keep myself entertained.  This job pays really well.

I take my job as caddy very seriously.  

On occasion, I will hit a ball off the tee.  And yes, Ken's driver is the same size as me.  I kept saying things like, this thing is just to big.  TWSS

In all honesty, I am not really a fan of playing golf.  I like riding a long with Ken, but am not a fan of having to swing the clubs.  Too bad Ken bought me a set when we first started dating and they have been sitting in our basement for a really long time.

The final few holes are right on the lake.  These are the holes that are shown on TV with all the boats lining the shore.

Gorgeous hole #17

Thinking about making a birdie

At this point, I was quite cold and tired from my caddy duties.  How much does this job pay again?

Teeing off on 18

I am not trying to brag, but I am pretty sure I am one of the best caddies out there.  Perhaps Tiger or Phil might consider giving me a job???

Thanks for letting me ride along Ken!

We were both pretty tired after golfing and cadding all day.  We ended the evening at an Italian place for dinner.  I of course finished the evening with gelato.  It was such a fabulous day!

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