Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lake Tahoe: Day Four...

We (or Ken) decided that we should skip breakfast at the hotel and drive up to the North Shore and find a place for breakfast.  One of the things that we wanted to do was drive all the way around the lake anyway, so this was a good time to do it before we set out on our hikes for the day.

Insert the most awkward part of the trip.  We had been finding restaurants by checking Yelp.  I found a breakfast place that was right on the water called Waterman's.  We were both pretty hungry and the place had good reviews so we stopped.  We walked in and the place was quite odd, it appeared to be some sort of paddle/surf shop.  They did have a breakfast menu on a chalkboard so we thought we were good.

Two men were sitting at a table on laptops.  One of them got up and mumbled something at us while looking down and walked behind the counter.  Okay, he obviously works here.  Um yeah, he kept his back to us and started schlepping milk into the fridge.  He did not look up, he did not say anything.  I walked outside to look at the patio and walked back in.  Yep, still schlepping milk.  This went on for a few minutes. I walk back outside and Ken is looking at me and saying things like "are you serious"  "is this really happening"  it was too funny.  Ken decided to walk outside too and we decided to just leave.  The guy never looked up.  How weird.

We ended up finding a cute place for breakfast and then drove over to Emerald Bay.  Emerald Bay is a must see in Lake Tahoe, so we stopped for a few pictures.  It is truly a gorgeous area.

Emerald Bay

After we stopped at Emerald Bay, we drove down the street for a hike at Eagle Falls.  One note, the bathrooms at this trail head were disgusting.  I mean, I though the bathrooms at Cottonwood at the bottom of the Grand Canyon were bad, but these were much worse.  Horrible.

Eagle Falls, home of the nastiest bathrooms in the world

I asked for his best smile, this is what I got

We saw gorgeous views of Lake Tahoe

There it is, Ken's signature pose

Our hike took us to Eagle Lake.  We hung out for a little while and watched three dogs play in the water with their owner.  The dogs made us miss our girl, but we knew she would not have anything to do with the water!

Ken's the king of the mountain!

After hiking Eagle Falls, we had a little lunch (yay for sweet potato fries!) and drove back to Emerald Bay to hike the Rubicon Trail.  The Rubicon Trail runs right along the shore of Lake Tahoe.  Basically, the view we had from above earlier in the day, was right in front of us on the shore.

Isn't this pretty?

We came upon this HUGE tree and I really wanted a picture of the entire thing to show how big it was.  Ken told me to lie on the ground on my back to take it. Um yeah, I am not that kind of girl.  I do not like to get dirty, hello!

This is Vikingsholm, a "castle" that is on the shore of Emerald Bay.  There are tours of the inside, but we were there pretty late in the day so did not get to see the inside.  We hung out on the beach for a bit and then made the hike back.

I watched the ducks for a while

We ended the day at a pizza place that had $3 PBR's.  Look who is smiling now!

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