Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake Tahoe: Day Two...

Day two started off with a little running for me. I ran by the golf course that we were playing the next day and I ran down to the lake.

A great way to start off my Sunday

I saw these birds that were interesting.  It was unlike any bird I have seen in Kansas so I took a picture for Ken to look up.  They are Stella Jays and are quite the mouthy little bird.

After breakfast, we decided to drive to Echo Lake for a little hiking.  Echo Lake is located a little South of South Lake Tahoe where we were staying.  It took us a little while to find the actual lake, but we finally found it after a little tour around the mountain.

The trail goes along two beautiful smaller lakes.  When we first arrived, we observed the beautiful view.

When we first started on the trail, I initially thought that this was be the most beautiful view of the day.  I was wrong.

Ken crossing the bridge to the trail head

My favorite little cabin along the lake

Ken hiking along.  I was allowed to have control over the camera during the entire hike.  Usually, Ken thinks my photography skills are way below average, but I totally redeemed myself on this vacation.  :)  Basically, there are a lot more pictures of Ken this time.  Smile Sweetie.

Doesn't everyone hike with over sized sunglasses?

Just another KJ Photo

There he is ladies and gentlemen...HeMan

The turn around point for us was were the water taxi can pick you up and taking you back to the marina.  We chose to hike back instead, but first stopped to enjoy a little snack.  

I know, it looks like my Sunday was just horrible

The hike back was just as gorgeous

Yep, I am still in charge of the camera.  Give me your best smile Ken.

He is obviously not impressed, so I will flash my smile for myself.  

Once we made it back to the car, we drove back to South Lake and had a little lunch at an Irish place.  Fish and chips?  Yes please.  We then thought about watching one of the many football games at a restaurant across from our hotel, but we ended up walking out of the restaurant as quickly as we walked in.  This apparently became our theme for the week.  More on that later.  Basically, Ken and I have become way high maintenance.  :)

After the failed football attempt, we walked down to the beach so Ken could check out the actual lake.  I may or may not have gotten two bruises on my leg while showing off on the monkey bars.  Ken did not think I would go and climb all the way across.  Challenge accepted and completed.  I do not remember it being that hard in elementary school, but I made it.

Why yes, I did just complete and Ironman and the Monkey Bar Challenge of 2012.  

We finished the evening off with a little gambling at the casino next to our hotel.  Our hotel was in California, and the casino was in Nevada, a whole 500 feet from our hotel.

Up next, my favorite day of the entire trip.

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