Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lake Tahoe: Day Five...

Day Five took us to Truckee, CA where we were playing golf at a golf course called Coyote Moon.  We left a little early to go shopping and find a place where I could get a latte and some pastries.  We pretty much struck out on both accounts.  The shopping was not great and the place where I got my cupcake and latte was horrible.  Have you ever known me to only eat half of a red velvet cupcake and throw the other half away?  Yeah, that just does not happen.  Ever.  It was not a good cupcake.  Huge bummer.  Truckee was the biggest disappointment of the entire trip.  We did have a blast playing golf and guess what we saw on the course?  A coyote.  Three of them actually.

Ken taking it all in.  The course was pretty, surrounded by all the mountains.

This squirrel had the longest tail I have ever seen.  He was so cute.

The course had a completely different look than Edgewood, but it was still very pretty.  

Caddy Advice:  Grab your nine iron

On our way to the fairway, I looked up and saw this guy.  I almost peed my pants.  Wow, he was just hanging out looking for a snack.  He could careless that we were there.  I thought it was the best part of the day until...

We came around the corner and saw this guy in the bunker.  I very calmly told Ken to look.  I was so excited and shocked.  I was even more excited when I saw him digging and pull something out of the sand and tossed something in the air.  

He had a squirrel and he was going to town on having his lunch

This was definitely the highlight of my day.  He could have cared less that we were there.

Beautiful scenery and a coyote having lunch

I wanted my picture with the coyote and apparently, he wanted to have his picture with me as well.  I named him Chester.

I love this picture

After our little picture party, he decided he was full and walked over to a tree and dug a hole and buried the remainder of the squirrel.  It was priceless. 

He buried it at the base of the tree on the left

We were so close to him the entire time!  

I took my duties as caddy equally as serious today as I did at Edgewood

Hole #14 had a huge drop off from the tee box to the green (don't you love that I know all the golf lingo?).  You can see the area for the tee box where the trees are open.  We were at the very top.  It was such a pretty hole.

While Ken was waiting to tee off on one of the holes, I made a new friend.  Ken had just dropped this piece of ice and this guy picked it up. This guy and his friends were crazy!  They were borderline molesting us.  They were obsessed and would not leave us alone.  I still wanted to put him in my pocket and run.  I mean, look at that face!  Is he precious or what?  Yes, I know he is a rodent and probably has a disease, but remember Chip and Dale (get your mind out of the gutter, not the Chippendales) from the Disney Channel?  I mean, come on all children from the 90's!

Even though Truckee was a bust, we still had a blast at Coyote Moon.  I am not going to lie, it may have been Chester that made my day!

Since Ken had enjoyed a few cocktails on the course and we were over an hour from our hotel, I drove us home.  Yeah, I drove.  At night.  After we were in the car and it got dark, I realized that it had been a good six to eight weeks since I had driven at night.  I am married.  Why do I need to drive at night?  I am apparently and old lady that suffers from night blindness.  I do drive a Lincoln for Pete's sake.  Did I mention that there are 90 degree curves by Emerald Bay?  I was white knuckling it the entire time and threatening to pull over because I could not see.  I panicked, I had sweaty palms.  In the end, we figured it was way safer to have me, the apparent blue hair driving instead of a slightly buzzed husband.  I am not so sure Ken felt the same way and he may have thought he was going to die.  

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