Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lake Tahoe: Day Six...

When we originally planned this trip, we were going to take a few days and drive South to hike up Mt. Whitney.  We had our permits and everything, but Ken had gotten bronchitis when we came home form Louisville.  We did not think that me dragging him up the tallest mountain in the continuous United States would be much fun.  I mean, we do both want to stay married for a while longer than just three years.

I had read about Mt. Tallac and told Ken I wanted to hike it while we were in Tahoe.  When Ken saw the mountain from Edgewood while we were playing golf on Monday, I think he was sold.  I did a small amount of begging and he agreed.  I mean the mountain is only like 9,800 feet at the summit.  Just a small hill.  :)

Thursday came and we left the hotel to head for the trail.  The one thing I will say about this trail is that there were very few switchbacks.  We started at 6,500 feet and ended up at 9,800  feet all in just under five miles.  Not too bad for two people that live at 800 feet.

Happy Ken

Floating Island Lake
You can see the top of the mountain.  Yes Ken, we are going all the way up there!

We just came up the steepest part of the trail.  I asked for his best smile and he was none too happy with me.  

Hands on the hips, still not a happy camper.  No smiling for Ken.

The view from the other side of the mountain, almost to the top!

We made it to the summit!  The views were amazing!

You could see all of Lake Tahoe except for one tiny section

Ken taking in the view and enjoying a snack

Since the hike up was so steep, we really had to watch our footing hiking back down.

Almost back to the car

At our final happy hour at the Embassy

Ken's model pose

My model pose at a sushi dinner

Ken and another model pose

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