Thursday, April 19, 2012

Opossum Kisses...

The other night Ken and I were looking at something on the iPad when we heard a bark from the backyard. Kya never barks, so we knew something was up. We heard her bark again. I must say that her bark is so sweet sounding. It is deep and she sounds precious.

Anyway, Ken and I rushed outside to find Kya nose to nose with a gigantic opossum. She was so excited! That girl has been chasing squirrels and rabbits for two months hoping to catch one. She finally had caught an animal and all she could do was be nose to nose with it. She is such a mess!

I guess we can now add opossum hunter to her resume!

This pictures are dark, but you can see that huge beast in our backyard. It was huge, had to have been the size of Angel and Theodore combined!

Mojito Madness...

Ken is on a new kick in regards to drinks. He decided on Sunday that he wanted to learn how to make mojitos.

Off to Price Chopper we went to buy some lime and mint. They turned out pretty well and will only get better the more he makes them. Let the mojito madness begin!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She Loves to run!

Of course I love to run, but I am not talking about me, I am talking about this sweet girl.

Here she is, waiting patiently for me to come out and take her for a run.  How can anyone resist this sweet face?

And here she is, four wonderful miles later with that post run glow. 
I wish that I would get as excited as she does for every single run.  She lives for it.  I love taking her, even if she gets so excited that she has to poop.  It happens, right? 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jen's Reception...

My friend Jen was married in a private ceremony back in February.  She could not let the event go by without a reception to celebrate with friends.

I was having all sorts of camera trouble with my Iphone, but solved it when we got home and I took my new bling case off.  Weird.

Of course this picture will not turn.  Grr...  This is Jill, Jen, Jamie, and me.  I have been hanging out with them since 2005 when I moved to Kansas City. 

Ken looking very handsome while watching the KU game.  Jen is a proud KU grad, along with Jill.  Unfortunately for them, most everyone else in attendence were MU fans.  Ken and I both agreed that we have started to like KU a little more.  I of course, am an SEC girl cheering on Arkansas.  :)

Camera issues again, but this is the kind of face I get when I ask Ken for a photo.  :)  It is a good thing he pays the mortgage. 

Jill and me.  We did our fair share of dancing.  Our husbands would not join us, so we had fun dancing on our own.  Oh, and I even got carded getting a glass of wine.  That's right, at a wedding reception.

Ironman Training Week 15 & 16...

I suppose it is bad whenever my husband sends me text to tell me how boring my blog has become and how I need to update.  Well, my response to him is that I will have to become a picture nazi to make things more interesting.  After my boring weekly update, see the following post for a post with pictures.

I have had to great weeks of training.  I had my two longest bike rides ever.  One of them was wonderful where I wanted to keep going and the other one, well, I rolled up into the garage afterwards and told the bike to eff off.  :)

Week 15

16 miles biking

4 mile run
1:20 minute hike with Ken

2500 yard swim


3000 yard swim

35 mile bike ride
15 minute transition run with Kya

8 mile run
1250 yard swim

Week 16


6.2 mile run

3300 yard swim - which is two miles for those of you counting

1:20 bike
4 mile transition run with Kya

3500 yard swim

11 mile run

38 mile bike ride
15 minute transition run with Kya

Overall, two very solid weeks.  I still love swimming and think I am getting just a little faster every month.  And to think this time last year I could not swim a full lap without stopping or feelling like I was going to die.