Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jen's Reception...

My friend Jen was married in a private ceremony back in February.  She could not let the event go by without a reception to celebrate with friends.

I was having all sorts of camera trouble with my Iphone, but solved it when we got home and I took my new bling case off.  Weird.

Of course this picture will not turn.  Grr...  This is Jill, Jen, Jamie, and me.  I have been hanging out with them since 2005 when I moved to Kansas City. 

Ken looking very handsome while watching the KU game.  Jen is a proud KU grad, along with Jill.  Unfortunately for them, most everyone else in attendence were MU fans.  Ken and I both agreed that we have started to like KU a little more.  I of course, am an SEC girl cheering on Arkansas.  :)

Camera issues again, but this is the kind of face I get when I ask Ken for a photo.  :)  It is a good thing he pays the mortgage. 

Jill and me.  We did our fair share of dancing.  Our husbands would not join us, so we had fun dancing on our own.  Oh, and I even got carded getting a glass of wine.  That's right, at a wedding reception.

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