Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ironman Training...Week 4

Whew, this training is making me tired.  I can only imagine how rough it will be come July!  Here is what week 4 looked like!

Very much needed rest day.  My legs were tired.  Nothing quite like hot chocolate and The Bachelor on a Monday night.  :)

6 mile run, which included my pathetic revisit to speed work. 
2x400.  I forgot how hard speed work is. 

Swim - 2500 yards.  This was my longest swim ever.  I may have told Ken over and over again how far I swam.  :)

1 hour on the bike trainer followed by a one mile run with Kya.  There was snow on the sidewalk, so we stopped at one mile.  Ms. Husky really needed to get out of the apartment.

Swim - 1000 yards

4 mile hike with Ken and Kya
7 mile run

1:30 on the bike trainer
Swim - 1750 yards

I have noticed that it takes me a while to get into my groove swimming.  I would say it takes me at least 20 minutes before I feel comfortable.  Hopefully as time goes on, this will get a little shorter.  I am still really enjoying swimming and hope to only improve.  I am excited for the Spring when I get outside on the bike and see what I can do. 

Thanks for reading!

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