Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hiking with a Husky...

A few weeks ago, we decided to try hiking at Perry Lake near Lawrence, KS.  Now, this is by no means Rocky Mountain hiking, but we did enjoy it very much especially with it being so close to home. 

We woke up super early, Ken was up even earlier at 4:30 am, and made the hour drive.  Our first stop of course was for Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Ken knows if he wants a happy Keri, you have to buy her coffee and donuts.  :)

What is a hike without taking your wonderful Siberian Husky?  She came along for the ride and of course had more fun than Ken and I put together.

Kya loved seeing the squirrels and walking thru all of the leaves.

I cannot get this picture to turn :)

We ended up hiking a wonderful, hilly 10 miles.  Ken will definitely be ready for the Grand Canyon in June.

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