Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ironman Training...Week 3

Ah, week #3, the first week of the build up training.  I ended the week with super tired legs, but tired in a good way.  I definitely focused more on swimming this week than biking, but I think that is natural during the winter months.  Here is how things went down:

50 minute swim - 1750 yards
1:50 minute hike with Ken

4 mile run with Kya

Hilly dark bike ride with Ken - 5.5 miles
I did discover that Shawnee Mission Park is the best place to get in hills for bike training. Yowzers!

50 minute swim - 2000 yards
3 mile run

30 minute swim - 1100 yards

10 mile hike with Ken and Kya

1:30 minutes on the bike trainer

Winter has finally decided to come to Kansas City, so I will be running inside tonight and riding my bike trainer.  It is January 12, so what can I expect!

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Carole Sharpless said...

You will love IML! Great race... You're doing great for January - keep up the hard work. Remember, the key to IM training is recovery. You have to have something to recover from, of course, but you've got to absorb the work in order to build onto it.

Enjoy the journey! Can't wait to follow along with you...