Monday, December 26, 2011

Week One of Ironman Orientation...

The first week of training before training for Ironman Kentucky is in the books!  I like to call it, Orientation, or get your booty in the pool.  Much to my surprise, I still swim kind of the same way that Phoebe Buffay runs.

I am still a little in shock that I signed up for this.  I know I had been talking about it for a while and I am sure my friend Michelle is glad I did just so I can get it over with.  My favorite thing from this week was after I emailed her and told her I signed up.  Her email back to me was, "Was is the worst thing that can happen, you know, besides having a heat stroke or drowning - kidding, kidding." Ha, she is too funny.

Week One

Monday - 4 mile run

Tuesday - 45 minute trainer ride

Wednesday - 25 minute swim or 13 laps (It was pathetic)
Two mile run with Kya

Thursday - Rest, I was drinking wine with the girls

Friday - 5 mile run
40 minute swim or 25 laps (it was much easier this time)

Saturday - 1:45 minutes on the trainer

Sunday - Rest, it was Christmas afterall

I am surprised and happy with how quick the swimming portion feels easier each time I go.  I have not been in the pool since August, so I am a little out of swim shape, but that is what the next few weeks are for.

Oh, and speaking of the pool, I totally walked into a shower where an older lady was.  Fortunately, she had a towel around her.  Apparently swimming makes me not pay attention to things like, oh I don't know, the shower curtain being closed, doesn't that usually mean someone is in there?.  In my defense, she was not making any noise.  I felt horrible.  I hope I never see her again...

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