Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NYC Day 3 & 4...

I think Satuday was my favorite day of the entire trip!  I had one real plan, go to Rockefeller Center.  Ken thought it was touristy, but he did as he was told. :)  We went on top of the Rock and the views were amazing!

Radio City Music Hall where the Rockettes perform.  Too bad we were a week too early.

Here we are, we are at NBC studios!

I loved Central Park! 

The Empire State Building

Zoomed in on the Statue of Liberty.  I could not get over all of the stuff we could see.

As cool as I thought the buildings were, I loved the park in the middle of everything the most.

Ken and his token pose. 

This is by far my favorite picture from our entire trip!

The ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center. 

The Rock

After walking around Rockefeller Center, we found a delicious pizza place for lunch.  We both liked New York pizza way better than Chicago pizza.  After lunch, we walked to Central Park and found mile 25 of the marathon.  The park was gorgeous.  It was so sad that a lot of trees were lost in the recent snow storm. 

We went back to our apartment to rest and hang out before dinner.

This is what happens when I want a picture.  Please excuse my pumpkin spice latte teeth.  The latte was so worth it!

And again.  I told him it is over a lot quicker if he just smiles from the get go.

See, that was harmless.  :)

We stopped at a Mexican place for a drink and some chips and salsa.  Ken loves to take super close of pictures of me. 

After our pasta dinner, we came back to the apartment to figure out where Ken would meet me the next day.  I went to bed and Ken went to a bar around the corner for a few drinks.  I guess I am boring.  :)

Day 4 was the marathon.  I will recap this in a separate post, because I have a lot to say.  :) 

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