Friday, July 1, 2011

Sedona Day 3 & 4...

Day three started off with a little bit of hiking.  We ended up doing a total of eight miles.  It was beautiful, but my booty had a pain in it, that was not Ken.  :)  I guess hiking 45 miles will do that to you.

Cathedral Rock

The rocks almost look fake

Ken's signature pose

A picture for my dear friend Heather, aka HT

Ken was making fun of me because my booty was sore.  Actually, he was taking a video of me when, wait for it, he backed right into a cactus.  Yep, I had to help him pull cactus needles out of his leg.  Remember Ken, do not mess with Keri and the cacti!

When the photo is enlarged, you can see the blood on his leg.  I know, I should not laugh, but he was making fun of me!

A local on the trail

See, he survived the cactus attack

Bell Rock, or as I like to call it, Rolo Rock

Always an adventure

What do we do after hiking eight miles?  Have pizza, fries, and beer.

After lunch, we went to the pool for margaritas and sangrias or if you are Ken, more beer

Ken taking my picture across the pool

Another drink?  Yes please!

Ken loves the pool

I love the pool too

After the pool, Ken wanted to take me on a hike to watch the sunset and enjoy a bottle of wine.  Well, it did not go as planned.  It was a wonderful thought, but the bugs were awful.  I was getting attacked and could not handle it.

My sweet husband.  It was the thought that counts.  Sorry Ken.

I look pathetic here trying to keep the bugs out of my wine

Ken told me to give him my best fake smile before we could leave.  Well, here it is.

On our last day, we walked around the shops to buy a few things and then headed to get a few photos of the chapel that is built into the rocks.  It is gorgeous!

Ah, we had a wonderful trip!  I was so excited to get back home to see my hooligans!  Thanks Ken for a wonderful time! 

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