Friday, July 1, 2011

Our Time in Sedona...Day 1 & 2...

After all of the hiking, Ken and I headed to Sedona for a few days to relax.  We arrived on Tuesday and left on Friday.  On Tuesday, I felt awful.  I think that hiking 45 miles took more out of me than I thought!  We spent Tuesday resting and went out for appetizer and then for ice cream and just walked around downtown Sedona.

On Wednesday we went to Jerome for a little shopping and wine tasting.  Jerome is a very interesting old mining town that was once known as the wickedist town in the west.  It is a very odd but cute city that sits on a hilltop with a lot of art galleries and unique shops.  We visited this town three years ago and I was just dying to go back for some reason.  We enjoyed our time wandering around and enjoyed a little wine.

After we left Jerome, we ended up at Paige Springs Cellars, a winery we visited in 2007.  We decided to buy a bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy an afternoon down by the creek in the shade.

Enjoying the wine and the scenery and time with my husband

Part of the vineyard.  We obviously remembered that we have a black and white setting on the camera!

Syrah is one of our favorites!

I return with our meat and cheese.  It was delicious and the perfect afternoon snack!

My handsome husband enjoying his vacation

After our time at the winery, we went back to our room, hung out at the pool and went to a lovely dinner.  We also prepared for you guessed it, more hiking.  You cannot go to Sedona and not hike!

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