Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grand Canyon Day Four...

I think Ken finally understands what I feel like after a marathon!  He was stiff and felt like someone had run him over with a bus.  I was glad that he got to understand that feeling so that he has a little bit of sympathy for me after races!

We spent the day walking around and just spending time with friends.  It was a perfect day of rest!

View from the North Rim.  We hiked all the way thru that sucker!

I was THRILLED to learn that there was a coffee bar on the North Rim!  Here I am enjoying my Chai Tea latte and checking out the view!

Our group at the bar on the traditional Bloody Mary Sunday.  I enjoyed my ice cold water.  :)

Dr. Buckeye.  He is one of the funniest people Ken and I have ever met!

Brighty the Mule.  If you rub his nose, you get good luck!

Here is our group at the North Rim lodge.  These are some amazing people! 

Our last night on the North Rim was pretty low key.  Ken did end up getting three really nasty blisters on his foot and he decided it was best not to hike from North to South.  I was bummed that he would not be joining me the next day.  He was bummed too and enjoyed cocktails on our porch while I went to sleep.  It was a super early night for me since I had a 2:00 am wake up call!

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