Friday, March 4, 2011

Nine on a Week Night...

With my schedule changing at work, I am not getting home an hour earlier.  This is huge for me.  It not only allows me to run, but it also allows me to be a good wife and still make my husband dinner.  Who would have ever thought that I would care about being able to make dinner??

Last night Ken had to work late so, I did not have to worry about dinner.  If you are wondering what I ate, I had cinnamon Cheerios.  Seriously, if I were not married, I would eat cereal for dinner every night.  I got home, changed clothes, and headed out.  It was 68 degrees!  Wow, how wonderful. 

I ended up running nine miles, which is unheard of for me during the week.  Usually seven is my max due to not having enough time.  I am thinking that this whole 7:30 to 4:30 work schedule is going to be huge for my working out!  Love it!

Below is a photo of Miss Kya and me, taken after her 6.5 mile Adoption Day run.


Wendy said...

9 is awesome for a week night! I have the same problem. It's hard to find the time to fit it all in.

It's almost spring! Yay!

lindsay said...

i always feel so cool and accomplished when i run more than 6-7 during the week. cereal for dinner is never a bad thing... ;)