Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wine Country 2010...Day One, Napa Valley

We just returned from the most amazing vacation in Napa Valley and Sonoma, CA.  We had such a relaxing time.  This is our favorite spot to visit! 

When we arrived, we upgraded to a convertible to cruise around in.  We were very glad we did.  We decided it definitely helped feel like we were on vacation.  Oh and the weather, it was in the 70's during the day and would drop into the 50's a night.  What a great break!

Here we are getting ready to leave to head to Napa!  Very excited!

The first thing I noticed when we arrived at our hotel was the swans in the courtyard!  Of course by the time we left I had named them: Sammy, Sullivan, and Shanequa.

Our first stop was to downtown Napa.  We were a little surprised that a lot of the shops and restaurants were closed so early, but we did find a lovely place to enjoy a late lunch.  We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We we went back to the hotel, we sat outside in the courtyard and enjoyed happy hour.  I had a great view of the swans!

The end of a long but wonderful day!

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lindsay said...

I would really like to know why the weather in SC has to be sooo much more extreme than the weather in CA. I mean, SC should be like LA at least, gah.

Love seeing vacation pics. A convertible is a must! And great swan names... I hope one can be passed on to a future child (ahem) Shanequa.