Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Few Favorites...

Love this coffee for my Keurig!  It is great hot or over ice.  I like to add half and half and a packet of my favorite sweetner Truvia.

Bare Minerals foundation by Bare Escentuals is amazing!  I have used Lancome and Clinque for the last several years and decided to give this stuff a try.  I will not be changing again any time soon!  I love it.  It feels like you are barely wearing make up.  I also have struggled with acne over the last few years and this stuff seems to help.  I am one of those girls that had perfect skin in my teens and early 20's and did not have an issue until I turned 28.  I guess I should consider it pay back for the great skin I had growing up!

I use Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehavin face wash almost daily.  I find that it works very well.  It was interesting using it at first, because you do not use water with it.  I bought a bottle of this after having a facial back in January.  It lasts for a long time, I am still on the first bottle!

I have also been loving Aveeno Daily Moisturizer.  I love that it already has a little SPF in it.  I do like to use my Lancome 30 SPF if I know I will be out in the sun, but the Aveeno works as a great base moisturizer!


Wendy said...

I had the same thing - great skin until I got in my upper 20's.

Thanks for sharing!

ajh said...

I've got to say I seem to like Body Shop lotion esp. for my face.