Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day Two...Napa Valley Wineries...

We had decided that we would take a wine tour in Napa.  This way, Ken did not have to worry about driving us around.  We had a great time, but did realize that we like the Sonoma side much better. 

We were still on Central Time at this point and woke up at 6:00 am.  I did take advantage of this and went for a great six mile run in downtown.  It was chilly and wonderful!  After breakfast, I found Ken sleeping on our couch.  He had a little Theo nap.  :)

Our first stop was Flora Springs Winery.  I did enjoy hearing that the owner, Flora, is the same height as me and is 94 years old.  She has two glasses of merlot everyday.  She sounds like such a fire cracker!

Our next stop was Alpha Omega.  It is a new winery and had great wines.  The scenery around the vineyard was wonderful!

Our next stop was V. Sattui for lunch and wine tasting.  They have a great market area and we really enjoyed our sandwiches.  The only bad thing is it was so busy!  It was like a zoo.  For that reason, I would not want to visit this one again.  I could not believe how busy it was, especially for a Monday!

Black Stallion was the next stop.  It was not our favorite, but we did enjoy hanging out in the vineyard and taking a few photos.

Our fnal stop ws William Hill Winery.  Ken and I had been excited to visit this winery, since we had an amazing bottle of cabernet at one of Ken's work events.  I was a little disappointed after visiting, but the views around the winery were gorgeous!

We finished the day with a great dinner at Ristorante Allegria in downtown Napa.  We listened to Italian music, had amazing food, and finished with gelato.  Our second day could not have been much better!

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