Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day Five...Downtown Sonoma and Healdsburg...

Our day started off with me getting up early and running on the hotel treadmill.  I wanted to get in speedwork, but it was so hot in the fitness center that I thought it would kill me.  I ran a nice six miles and it was a great way to start off the day. 

We started the day off with a little shopping in downtown Sonoma.  We did see a lady walking two huskies.  I did get to pet one of the huskies and it only made me miss my girl that much more.  Kya would love the cool mornies and evenings.

Ken thinks this is so funny since I am only 4'10.  He said look, there's a Keri store.  Nice Ken, it is a good thing you have those pretty blue eyes.  :)

It never gets old looking at vineyards on the drive

We stopped at a few wineries where we forgot to take pictures, Anaba and Arrowood.  We decided to stop at Deerfield, since their tasting room is in a cave.  It was really cool. 

Wine barrels in the cave.

Ken loved the trees we saw leaving Deerfield

Our last winery to visit was Russian River Vineyards

Our tradition at the our last winery of the trip is to buy a bottle to take home and one to open and enjoy at the winery.  We ended up getting two types of Syrah.

Chester, the winery dog.  I may have loved on him a bit, not tell Kya.

In case you cannot tell, we remembered that my camera has a black and white setting and we started going crazy with it.

Just enjoying life. 

What a fantastic afternoon!

After our wine, we drove to Guerneville to visit Armstrong Redwoods Reserve.  This is another reason Ken and I love this area so much, there is such a variety of things within just an hour.  I was a little disappointed with our pictures.  When I took the setting off of black and white, I guess I put it on the wrong one because our pictures did not turn out great.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this until I uploaded them at home.

It is amazing how big the redwoods actually are in person

Ken and I both commented about how quite it was.  It was surreal.  I am so glad we were able to take it all in.

See little me by the big trees?  Such a gorgeous place.

Living in Kansas, we do not have to parallel park pretty much ever.  I was very proud of Ken nailing it on his first attempt, especially since he has not parallel parked in a good five to seven years!

Ken decided to try oysters at dinner.  He liked them a lot.  We had our last dinner at this amazing restaurant in downtown Headlsburg called Willi's.  They serve everything with small plates, so we ordered several things.  My favorite was ahi tuna.  Ken was surprised I liked it since it is served cold.  I guess I will try anything after a full day of wine tasting.  :)

What a great dinner and amazing trip! 

I was zonked out at this point!  I had way too much fun eating, wine tasting, and just spending time with my husband.

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Dave said...

As a Sonoma county resident I am happy you discovered so many of our great sites on your trip. I am partial to Armstrong Woods as a majestic forest and think you got lucky finding Willi's Seafood. They're always a great choice.