Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day Four....The Russian River and Healdsburg Wineries...

I think this was Ken's favorite day.  Last year, we floated the Russian River and he had a small incident with a giant rock that caused him to dislocate his shoulder and spend time in the Headlsburg District Hospital.  With all of that, we only made it about a mile on the float, but he still took me to visit wineries.  I think he knew he had no choice.  So this year, we were thrilled to complete the entire float with no visit to the ER.  We did drive by the hospital though, just for memories.  :)

It was a little chilly to start

Here is the rock

Ken paddled over to the rock to get a better understanding as to why he fell last year.  Hmm...I wonder if it is because the rock is very slick with no traction and because he had on flip flops.  Just thinking outloud.  Oh and did I mention that I told him not to do it right as he fell?  Boys

Since I am not really a river kind of girl, I count animals along the way.  I saw 10 ducks, nine turtles, one blue herring, and too many fish to count.  I would have been upset if I did not see any fish.  Especially after calling them with "here fishy fishy".  No, I am not kidding, but I do understand that this is not the reason I saw the fish.  Hey, I stayed entertained this way.

Ken working hard paddling

This is what I do while Ken paddles.  I ride Princess.  I told this to the two boys that dropped us off and they looked at me like I was crazy.  Check out my odd combination of clothing.  A denim jacket with running clothes.  I was not expecting it to be so cold. I had brought a swim suit and cute cover up dress, but Ken said he did not want to hear me complain the whole time about being cold.

It is very pretty.  I love this picture with the birds flying away.

I did put my paddle in the water at one point.  Just to prove I can paddle if I had too.

Ken warmed up

I on the other hand, was still cold and had Ken's fleece covering my legs.  Best outfit ever!

I told Ken that this picture was fitting.  He was working hard paddling and I am just smiling having a great time.

We made it to the end!  It was a fun thing to do.  I enjoy spending time with Ken while he does something he enjoys.  I just do not want to do it all of the time.  Once a year is great.  Plus, I do not think he would enjoy it as much if I went everytime.  :)

Our fist stop after I changed out of that awful outfit, was Christopher Creek Winery.  We visited this winery last year and it is our favorite.  We decided to become wine members so we can receive shipments.  We like all of the wines and the guy that has been there both times is so sweet.  He and his wife are getting ready to go on their second international cruise.  We enjoyed talking to him last year and were thrilled when he was there again this year and told us about his trip they took last year and about his upcoming trip.  It is a tiny winery, but very quaint.  This is a must visit for us anytime we are in Sonoma.

J Vineyards was our next stop.  It was very modern on the inside.

We also stopped at Rodney Strong which was right next door.

Simi was our last stop of the day.  We were so worn out that we had dinner at our hotel and went to sleep very early that night.  It was such a fun day.  I was able to spend time in one of my favorite areas of the country with my favorite person.  Does not get much better than that!

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