Saturday, June 19, 2010

The New Plan...

I am planning on trying out the Run Less Run Faster training plan this time around.  I wrote a training schedule, which is huge.  Normally I kind of make up everything as I go and just make sure that I get my long runs in and hit a certain mileage each week. 

I am one week in and so far I like the plan!  I did 800's on Tuesday and a tempo run on Thursday and just finished my long run of 13 miles.  Week one is complete!  I really am trying to focus on quality vs. quantity this time around.  Plus, I really have enjoyed riding my bike lately whether it is on the trainer in the basement or outside with Ken.  16 weeks left until Chicago!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Memorial Day...

I started off by waking up early and running 11 miles.  What a great start to a day off of work!

I met Jill, Michelle, and Melissa for lunch and then we went to watch Sex in the City 2.  I loved it!  I laughed A LOT!  We had such a great time!  We saw the movie in one of the Fork N Screen theatres at AMC.  It was great because you can order food and martinis!

Michelle and I with our Sex in the City Martinis.  She had a Samantha and I had a Carrie, obviously!

Melissa, Michelle, Me, and Jill.  Michelle and I never get to be in the back in photos since we are both 4'10.  She jumped at the chance to be in back in this one photo!

When I came home, Ken and I decided to grill out on the patio.  We enjoyed dinner and the fact that it was cool enough to eat outside. 

Kya sat outside with us and enjoyed the evening.

The food

My girl and me


And inside these two hooligans were having a party of their own!

May Totals...

I ran 103.25 miles in May.  I took SEVERAL days off and I really enjoyed it!  I am making sure that I do one speed workout a week and am really noticing a difference.  I have also been riding my bike on the trainer in my basement a lot.  I have enjoyed the no impact workouts!  Chicago training starts July 1st! 

I am running in the Hospital Hill Half Marathon on Saturday.  I originally was planning on trying to PR at this race, but with the heat, I think I am just going to go out and run it as a super hilly training run!  I took a few more rest days than I planned and it is about 10 degrees above normal here!

Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start!