Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Visit to Arkansas...

Last weekend, Ken and I took a weekend trip with our friends Rob and Michelle.  Ken and Rob went kayaking and Michelle and I visited wineries.  We stayed in a darling little cabin and had a great weekend away.

I made breakfast both mornings.  Biscuits and gravy on Saturday and homemade waffles on Sunday. 

Ken and Rob preparing to take off.

My man

The first winery.  Um, between the two of us, we purchased 14 bottles of wine at this winery.  I would say that we like it!

Michelle driving us to our next destination

We took a detour and thought this was a winery, um guess not!

They even had what Ken and I call a Rapist Van

At the second winery.  This is the one where Michelle lost her keys and did not know.  We were checking out and some man asked who lost their keys.  Michelle looks at me and asks me what kind of idiot loses their keys.  I looked at the keys and knew right away they were hers.  I started laughing so hard that the mint she had just giving me fell out of my mouth and onto the floor.  Michelle turned SOOO red!

A photo of the outside of the second winery we visited.  Michelle and I thought it looked like a VFW hall.

Michelle proudly displaying her plum wine she just purchased for her husband.

Yeah, not sure why I took this picture.  I guess because it said Bikers Welcome in HUGE red letters maybe?  I got a huge kick out of it. 

Michelle tasting at the fourth and final winery

Me enjoying sample number 1,374


Michelle at lunch enjoying the candlelight.  I am not sure that we really needed to buy a bottle of wine for lunch.

Waiting on my lunch

This is the funniest photo of the day.  This truck may or may not have been following us. :)  Do you remember that game you played as a child to get the truck drivers to honk at you?  (Quite common in Southwest Missouri, cheap car entertainment.) Well, I still like to do it.  I got this guy to honk at us and then he started following us and would not let us back in the right line to get off of the highway.  We ended up missing our exit and had to drive down to the next one.  Too funny.  I am going to spare myself the embarrassment and not post the video I took of me getting this guy to honk.  Yeah, I am still five years old!


The Stewards said...

ha! We all played that game! You are too cute, and nothing wrong with purchasing 14 bottles of wine at one winery lol! Just don't drink them all in one night ;)

Heather :) said...

Sounds like you all had so much fun! You had me crackin' up reading about "the idiot who lost their keys"! So funny...

ajh said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun with your friends! That winery did look like a VFW hall. I hope the wine is very good as it doesn't exactly entice people to stop!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That was so much fun....the photo of the truck in the mirror of the car is priceless!! Michelle

Marathon Maritza said...

Some friends and I want to run the Little Rock marathon because the medal is the size of my head and this post made me all the more excited to visit Arkansas!