Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Running...

I ran a total of seven miles this weekend, all on the treadmill. I slept in both days and was not able to beat the heat and was forced to run on my treadmill in the basement. I ran four on Saturday and three on Sunday. My three on Sunday was at a 9:05 mile pace, so I was a little happy about that and I cannot remember my pace on Saturday.

My knee, well it has felt fine and has not been hurting at all. I decided to wear a pair of shoes today that have a one inch wedge heel and now it is killing me! It is strange that wearing flip flops feels better for me than other shoes. I guess I will be wearing flip flops to work for a few more weeks.

I also just noticed that today is August 17. Exactly one year ago today I broke my left foot walking out the front door to take Kya for a walk. Yes, you have to be highly skilled to accomplish such a task, so please do not be too jealous. :) This broken foot kept me from running in the Chicago Marathon last year, boo! I will consider the whole thing a victory since I managed to not break anything else on my body while using the crutches. I was lucky enough to only have to use them for a week and was approved to hobble around and walk on my heel. What an ugly week it was. On the first day, I fell trying to get out to the garage to get a popsicle out of the freezer. A girl has to have her priorities and I am a little stubborn to let Ken wait on me. Oh, did I mention that after he took me to the ER, he left for Chicago for a business trip? It was probably best, because I did not have the best attitude. I did manage to a lose a little weight that week, which seemed odd since I was not exactly mobile. I found it to be dangerous and just not worth the effort to make it to the kitchen for M&M's like I ordinarily do. Oh, did I mention that I have a two story house and our bedroom is upstairs? Yeah, Ken tried to teach me how to use the crutches on the stairs, and I was not going to chance it. I had a bucket that I would hook on my crutches and scoot up and down the stairs carrying items such as my cell phone, yogurt cups, and Diet Coke. I also found that doing repeats of this motion could be considered cardio, so I would go up and down up and down trying to burn off a few calories and keep from going stir crazy. I was approved to start running on October 6th and ran the Memphis Marathon on December 6th, so it could have been much worse!

There you have it, one broken bone walking out the front door with my dog, nice!

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