Friday, August 14, 2009

Runners Knee...

I have been having a little bit of knee pain the last week or so. I did a little Googling and feel pretty confident that I have Runners Knee. Plus, my running buddy is a physical therapist and I shared my symptoms with her and she thinks it is the same thing. I am so fortunate that she shows me stretches and gives me tips on what to do to help heal. I need to work on strengthening my quads and ice my knee and take it a easy. I also am taking a break from wearing my four inch heels for a while.

I was able to rest for two days and ran three miles last night without it hurting. I am glad I am really not training for anything right now, so I should be good! I am attributing the injury from all of the down hill stretches during the San Francisco Marathon. I always say what goes up must come down and there were a lot of ups during the marathon!

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