Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Weekend in Denver...

A few weekends ago, I got to go on a trip to Denver to spend time with my friends Jennie and Lindsay.  I was so excited for this weekend away because it had been some time since I had gotten to see Jennie.

We had big plans to do a lot of hiking, but unfortunately the forecast was for snow.  The forecast held true and dumped a massive amount of snow on Saturday.  We did not let that ruin our fun!

 I sent this to Ken while I was waiting to board my 6:25 am flight.  True and true.

Our first stop in Denver was breakfast at Lucille's. It is my favorite breakfast ever.  I love their biscuits!

Since it snowed all day on Saturday, we did a lot of city and indoor things instead of hiking the incline like we had planned.

Jennie and me outside of Union Station  (Uggs)

Lindsay and me being silly at Wyncoop Brewery.  (Uggs)

Jennie and me outside of the Denver Central Market, which was one of my favorite things to see that day.

Inside Denver Central Market.  We had some delicious brownie bites there, yum!

Playing board games at a bar/restaurant that you pay $5 for unlimited games and order drinks and food.  It was fun, but I am certain we were the only people there that were not living in our moms' basements...

Having serious competitions at Dave and Busters.

On Sunday, most of the snow had melted, so we went to Golden so that we could go for a hike on Lookout Mountain.

I was glad to see the Rockies with snow!

We built a snowman and had a few snowball fights.

Lindsay, Jennie, Rebecca and me on top of a rock

Playing I am the king of the mountain!

It was a very snowy hike and we all had very wet feet.

We had such a fun time hiking around in the snow.  (Pink aviators)

After our hike, we went into Golden for food and drinks.  The remainder of my time there was spent telling nursing stories, laughing, eating, and just enjoying girl time.  I was so grateful to have gotten to see Jennie and meet Lindsay as well.

This girl helped me get through Ironman training in 2014 and I am so grateful to have met her!  

Now you girls have to come see my in Kansas City!  A big thanks to Ken for holding down the fort while I was awhile having girl time.

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