Saturday, January 14, 2017

NCLEX Celebration...

To celebrate my passing the NCLEX, we thought what better of a way than to go on a hike as a family of three!  Trust me when I say I wish the cats could join, but could you imagine the meowing that would take place?

We knew it would be chilly, so we packed a thermos of soup, with plans to start a fire and open a bottle of champagne.  Such a fun little celebration we had planned!

Out for a cold six mile hike complete with snow!

Our little set up complete with a lake view, fire, and a husky

Ken popping open our bubbly while Kya supervises

Pretty happy with soup and champagne!

Don't let Kya's Resting Bitch Face fool you, she had a lot of fun.  She was in her element hiking in the snow and loved celebrating her mama's hard work.

My two cutie pies 

Hanging with my girl that always allowed me to listen to her heart and lungs as practice when I first started school. 

Such a fun family day!

Afterwards, we drove to Lawrence and Kya took a nap while we went to Free State for a beer and snacks.  It was the best way to celebrate my becoming an RN.  Night shift starts on Wednesday, so look out!  I am ready with my Starbucks cards, blacked out bedroom, and sleep mask.  

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