Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Day in Hannibal...

The day after Christmas, we drove to St. Louis to spend time with Ken's parents.  The following day, we made a short little trip to Hannibal, MO.  Ken is signed up to participate in the Missouri River 340 canoe race this year and that boy needed a new toy to take out on the river.  So, we drove up to Hannibal for Ken to test out a new kayak.

If you are not familiar with Hannibal, I would like to remind you that you probably did encounter Hannibal as a child while reading anything written by Mark Twain.

Our first stop was downtown for a glance at the Mississippi River.  Anytime the Mississippi River is mentioned, I quickly remember Clark Griswald on National Lampoon's Vacation singing "Deeeeep Rivvvver" while the crew drove through St. Louis.  Do you not?

Ken and Kya checking out the Mississippi River.  It had rather large chunks of ice floating down stream.

The Mighty Mississippi

Ken and Kya with the Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain statue down by the river.

After we walked along the river, we made our way up to the lighthouse that was built to honor Samuel Clemens.  Ken and I had visited the light house way back in 2005, but I really did not remember a lot about it. It was fun to walk the steps with Kya.

The Mark Twain memorial lighthouse

Kya and me checking out the view of the Mississippi from the lighthouse.

Ken and me with Hannibal down below.

After wandering all around town, our next stop was Mark Twain Brewing Co.  We enjoyed a sampler of beers and the each chose one to enjoy.  

My beer of choice was the Blueberry Saison, which was delicious!

Our next stop was for Ken to try out a kayak.  We met up with the guy at his shop and Ken looked at kayaks while Kya and I walked around.  Ken decided on one that will hopefully be comfortable enough for him to paddle 340 miles of the Missouri River come August.

Kya checking out the kayak.  She approves of it!

Ken loading her up!  I laugh because I rarely see Ken stand on his tip toes.  Unlike me, I am always on my tippies.  :)

Super stoked about his new toy!

Hannibal, MO is such a darling little town.  It is so cute, that if we were going to live in a small town in Missouri, we would probably choose this one.  It was a fun little day added to Christmas vacation.  

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