Thursday, November 3, 2016

Frisco, CO: Day 3...

Sunday started with coffee and then we were off for another hike!

This girl was ready for her second hike of vacation!

For our second hike, we chose to stay very close to Frisco and hike to Wheeler Lakes, which was located right by Copper Mountain.  

This is another hike that would have gorgeous aspen views during September.  The hike was about seven miles round trip with a gentle climb to get up to the lakes.  

Kya checking out the area.  She had gotten in the lake for a drink of water and ended up with super dirty legs!

Us girls enjoying the chilly morning

The best family picture we could get with a timer on a cell phone camera!

We ended up stopping for a snack at the lower lake.  We hung out there for quite awhile, enjoying the views.

My two favorite hikers at the lower Wheeler Lake

The view of Copper Mountain and the other neighboring peaks

I caught these two enjoying the view together

I cannot get enough hiking with this girl!

After our morning hike, we all laid around and took a nap.  Ken and I spent the afternoon and evening back at Backcountry Brewery for drinks and pizza.  We had intentions of going elsewhere for dinner, but we were having fun hanging out at the brewery, so it was pizza again for the win!

Ken enjoying a porter

 Having fun at Backcountry Brewery where I should have been drinking a local beer, but chose wine instead!

We ended our night watching a horrible horror movie on Netflix with wine and snacks at the house.  Definitely the low key kind of night we like on vacation.  

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