Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Frisco, CO: Day 2...

We woke up on Saturday and headed out for our first hike.  We were really hoping to see the aspens in Fall colors on this trip, so our first hike was one that promised a lot of aspen views.

We left Frisco, drove through Silverthorne, and arrived at the trail head for our hike in the Eagles Nest Wilderness area.  We started the hike and realized that we were about a week late to see the aspens in all of their glory.

A few of the aspens holding onto their leaves.

We were pretty bummed about missing the aspens because we were on the perfect trail for aspen viewing.  Oh well, we always have next year or the year after that!

I can only imagine how beautiful this would be with yellow aspen leaves!

This trail was a pretty gentle trail with not a lot of climbing, which is exactly what these flat landers from Kansas needed on the first day.  

We had a view of the Lower Cataract Lake.  My heart definitely belongs in the mountains.

This girl's heart is definitely in the mountains.  She had the best time on vacation with her parents.

We had plans to hike to the Eagle Mere Lake, but we had a moment where we thought we were on the wrong trail.  We ran into some snow for a few miles and finally decided to turn around instead of continuing on.  We later learned that we were so close to the lake!  Oh well, we all three had a wonderful time hiking.  

Kya thought the snow was AMAZING!  She stopped to take a bite of snow any chance she could.  That is a husky for you.

Kya and Ken.  These two melt my heart for sure.

My girl and me enjoying the mountains.

A completely forced family selfie.

Hiking back to the trail head with Kya leading the way.  Kya always has to be out in front on a hike.  That girl is competitive.

So happy to be in the mountains together!

Our hike ended up being around six miles, which was a good opening hike for everyone.  We drove back to Frisco and dropped Kya off at the house for nap.  Ken and I walked around downtown and found a darling little Italian place for lunch.  Our lunch and wine at Grecos Pastaria was delicious!

Ken enjoying the beautiful day

We wandered around and shopped for a bit and decided to stop for more wine at Footes Rest in the outdoor area.  They had live music going and it was a great time to sit and hang out.  

Outdoor music fun at Footes

After the wine and sunshine, we walked back to the house to pick up Kya to go to walk to Lake Dillon.  In case you are wondering, Kya is anything but a water dog.

This is swimming to Kya.  Not a water dog at all.  

My two sweeties enjoying the lake.  See the wild fire on the right?

Enjoying the lake with my girl

After playing around in the lake, I use that rather loosely mind you, we walked back into downtown and stopped for lattes at Abbey's Coffee.  I had a delicious pumpkin chai latte, which was a little bit of Heaven.  

I made him a coffee/latte drinker.  He was not a fan until he married me.

Lattes with my best girl

We ended our night at Prosit with a German beer or two.  We had a wonderful first full day in Frisco!

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