Thursday, March 24, 2016

Vacation Planning...

Something that is near and dear to my heart, vacation planning.  I almost love the planning as much as I like taking the actual trip.  Although, I am not so sure that my husband likes hearing about said vacation planning.

We have a very exciting trip coming up!  We our heading back to Europe for some hiking and fun.  This time Mike and Katie are joining us!  We are so excited.

Our first stop will be Lauterbrunnen Switzerland.  I dream of this place everyday.  Ken and I had such a wonderful time visiting in 2014, that we cannot wait to go back.  We will spend a few days hiking and taking in all of the beauty that the valley has to offer.  If I could pack up my hooligans and move there tomorrow, I would.

Lauterbrunnen.  I really hope this is what Heaven looks like, with husky puppies running in the field, of course.

I cannot wait to roll around in the dandelions again!

After we hike our hearts out in Switzerland, we will be heading to Munich, Germany.  Ken and I fell in love with Munich the last time we visited and cannot wait to have a few liters of beer with Mike and Katie in our favorite biergarten.  

The Marienplatz

Pretzels, schnitzel, and dunkel for everyone!

After Munich, Mike and Katie are heading off to Venice and Cinque Terre Italy.

Venice (source)

Monterosso, Cinqe Terre (source)

Ken and I will make our way to Salzburg Austria, which is the Sound of Music country.  

Salzburg (source)

While we are in Salzburg we planning on taking a few day trips for a little hiking in the Austrian and German Alps.  One place we plan on visiting is Berchtesgaden Germany.

Berchtesgaden (source)

After Salzburg, we will make our way to the beautiful lake village of Hallstatt.  I am hoping to rent a paddle boat and enjoy some time on the like with a bottle of wine.

Hallstatt (source)

We will end our trip in Vienna Austria.  I am most excited about visiting the famous Demel Bakery and visiting a cafe for coffee.  We will also visit Vienna's wine area and just enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

Vienna (source)

Once again we will be utilizing our backpacks for carry on only.  This always makes my outfit selection a well thought out process, but I am always grateful to not be dragging a large suitcase around on cobble stone streets.  

Do not fret, when we finally leave and return, I will be back with mountains of pictures to share!

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Melanie said...

This looks like such a fun trip! I may just have to replicate it, haha. We had hoped to do our own Germany/Switzerland/Austria trip this fall, but grad school has prevented us from being able to... so now we're hoping fall 2017!