Monday, January 26, 2015

OHL Classic...

While we were in Mexico, Ken realized that there was a PGA golf tournament going on a few resorts down.  We knew that we had to go to the tournament since we were so close.  Plus, general admission tickets were super cheap and then you could pay a little more to have VIP tickets which included unlimited drinks and food, along with three special viewing areas.  Obviously, we chose the upgraded tickets to enjoy our day there!

Ken is ready to watch some golf!

The course was beautiful!  There were a few holes that ran right along the beach.

One of the funny things that happened was when Ken stepped into a hole of fire ants right as this group was getting ready to hit.  He was trying to be as quiet as possible swatting them off of him, but one group started yelling at him saying, come on mate!  It was so funny!  

While we were looking at the program, we noticed that there was a guy from the Kansas City area playing.  We decided to watch him play for a while.  Ken talked to him at one point, and he ended up being a super friendly guy.

Brice Garnett from the Kansas City area

I decided to cheer for a golfer from Munich.  At one point he made a shot and was walking by and I shouted out, Prost!  You know, it is really the only German I know!

Ken and I both had a great time

Before we wrapped up our day, we went over to the practice/autograph area to see if we could get autographs or pictures for our neighbor Kyle.  We ended up getting a ton of autographs and a few pictures.  Of course, Ken made me ask for all of the pictures.

With the famous Justin Leonard

With my buddy Alex Cejka from Munich

I decided to save the best for last.  Camilo Villegas is known for his spider man stance when he surveys his ball on the green.  He was walking away and was not at all interested in dealing with people.  For whatever reason, I took off after him and yelled, Camilo, Camilo, will you get your picture with me?  He instantly perked up and said yes, which made my day!

Just hanging with Camilo Villegas

I am so glad that Ken and I went to this tournament!  It was something we will probably never get to experience again and I am so glad that we had the opportunity to participate.

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Thatt looks like so much run! Nice work saying Prost :) it's more German than I know anyway!