Saturday, July 12, 2014

There is a First Time for Everything...

You know, that moment when you are riding along and crossing railroad tracks and the next thing you are laid out on the pavement.  

The scene of the accident

It was quite shockingly actually.  It was kind of like I blacked out for a half a second.  I ended up with a nasty scrape on my elbow and a few scrapes on my left ankle.  

Fortunately, I was with my friend Jennie.  She ended up running into my bike because she could not turn her tires on the tracks because she would have flipped over as well.  Did I mention that I flipped over my handle bars?  

We both ended up being fine and continued on with our ride.  I ended up with 50 miles that day and Jennie rode 40 of the with me.  The sad thing was that this was my first ever crash and my first ever ride with Jennie.  Fortunately, we have ridden many rides together since.

My lovely battle scar!

On top of my first wreck, I have also experienced my first flat tire.  Lucky for me, I was at home when it happened.  I did manage to get the tired changed after a little drama and the help of You Tube.  I was a dirty sweaty mess by the time it was over, but I managed.  

I really hope I got all of these firsts out of the way and all goes well in Ironman Louisville!


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