Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In the Thick of it All...

Peak training time is here!  It is that time where I smell of chlorine, eat more than Ken, and am oh so exhausted.  My dirty workout clothes definitely out number my normal clothes.  My tan lines are also getting really bad.  As in so bad that Ken told me he is not taking me to Mexico in November unless I do something about them.  :)

As much as I enjoy the long training rides, swims, and runs, I am looking forward to them being over.  I cannot wait until my crotchal area no longer feels like someone has had their way with me.  Yep, I just said that.

I have a 104 mile bike ride scheduled and then another couple longer rides and this puppy is in the bank.  I did go and do my first open water swim of the year and let's just say that Kill Creek Lake is not any cleaner than it was in 2012.  I was brutally attacked by seaweed, yet somehow survived to tell about it.  I will go open water swimming a few more times because no matter how often I do it, my first instant is too panic and think I cannot do it.  If only the Ohio River would become crystal clear with a blue line painted down the center like the pool at Lifetime...

Here's to the next few busy weeks!

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