Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The One With the Bunny...

So, there was an incident at our house on Friday night. 

By incident, I mean death.

By death, I mean murder.

Yep, our sweet little princess found a bunny.  Not just a bunny, a baby bunny.

*Cue Tears*

Now, to be perfectly honest, I was not at home during the incident, so the story is all hearsay.  I arrived at home just as the body was being disposed of.

Although, there were a few witnesses, including our 11 year old neighbor who noticed that Kya had what was first thought to be a bird.

Ken, knowing that his sweet husky would never catch a bird, laughed and said there is no way she has a bird. 

He was correct, the thing Kya was shaking around and tossing in the air was not a bird, but a baby bunny. 

In Kya's defense, there was no blood or intentional harm done to the baby bunny. 

It seems as though she thought she had a new toy.

Clearly, the Easter Bunny hopped right past our house out of fear for his life.

RIP Baby Robinson

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Heather said...

The Robinson's have sadly lost one of their own :( RIP little Robinson