Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites: Races...

I thought it would be fun to kick off a little series called Friday Favorites.  I will list anything from races to cities to toiletry items.  Sounds kind of fun doesn’t it?
 Since this is technically a running blog, I thought I would start off with races.

New York City Marathon
 While this race was not my favorite marathon, it is the New York City Marathon and it deserves to be on my list.  I entered the lottery for three years trying to get into the darn thing.  I will admit that I kind of hyped this race up a bit, which partially lend to my disappointment.  The entire race itself from an organizational stand point is simply amazing.  I will never forget riding the ferry over to Staten Island and people watching in the athlete village.  I will also never forget how steep the Queensboro Bridge felt before descending onto 5th Avenue.  I never published my race report from 2011.  I know I really should, but for me the race took place when Ken and I had so much chaos going on in our lives that I felt my view of the race was a little negative. 
 You can barely see my head!
There I go!


 Hospital Hill Half Marathon
My #1 fan at the Hospital Hill Half Marathon
I run this half marathon every year that my schedule allows.  It is the oldest race in Kansas City and I really consider it to be my home town race.  The weather has varied over the years from hotter than all get out to a crisp beautiful Summer day.  Let’s be honest, the first week of June in the Midwest is usually torture.  I love all of the down hill in this race.  I also love that Ken and Kya come out to watch and Kya usually acts silly in the fountains at Crown Center.  This race holds my half marathon PR of 1:53.
Quite possibly one of the most unflattering pictures ever.

 St. Jude’s Memphis Marathon
The Memphis Marathon was my first marathon.  I could not have asked for a better experience.  The course has many rolling hills, tree lined streets, and music along the course.  The finish is inside the Cardinals AAA stadium allowing your family to get the perfect view of you crossing the finish line.  This race is filled with many special memories for Ken and me.  I will never forget the look of pride and possibly surprise that Ken had when I crossed the finish line.  This race also speaks my language when it comes to finish line food.  I mean, who would not want sugar cookies, pizza, and donuts?
 Memphis, 2007, my very first marathon
Memphis, 2008.  It is hard to believe that was six years ago!

 Chicago Marathon

 I have run the Chicago Marathon three times and wish that I could run it every single year.  It is hands down my favorite marathon.  I love the spectators, I love the energy, and I love the course.  Chicago is also a very easy four day weekend trip from Kansas City.  My marathon PR of 3:56 is from the race in 2010.  It was on record one of the hottest Chicago Marathons with lots of carnage on the course the last several miles.  Thank goodness it was not the Chicago Marathon of 2007.  I will not be running the race this year, but with any luck will return in 2015 or 2016.
Running my PR in 2010

Feeling proud and looking rough, in 2010

In 2011.  This is my life people, always looking up and looking like a little person.


 Ironman Louisville

I mean, are you at all surprised that this is my favorite?  One thing about this race that is down right amazing is the volunteers.  Every single volunteer was so friendly and you could tell they were genuinely wanting you to achieve your goal.  My smile never left my face that day.  It was the best day ever.  I know this race will always have a special place in my heart since it was my first Ironman.  I just hope that I feel the same way about it after this coming August. 
The look of fear
The best day ever.
That wraps up the first installment of Friday Favorites!  Check back next week to see what else will make a favorite!

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