Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adventures in Swimming...

One thing that I learned when I decided to train for an Ironman is not to take myself too seriously and be able to joke and make fun of the fact that I am doing this for fun and I am not a professional.

I am the first person to be able to make fun of myself, especially when it comes to swimming.

Swimming is not something that I did a lot as a child, well unless you count doing handstands in the pool as swimming.  I have never had any formal training in the pool and pretty much taught myself how to swim freesytle. 

Yeah, scary. 

Basically, I am not a very graceful or fast swimmer.  Last time I checked, Michael Phelps has not done an Ironman.  (Neither has Chuck Norris for that matter).  With that being said, I take my wins in the pool when I can get them.

The other day, I came home from the pool beeming.  Of course Ken asked me why I was smiling and if I had past a 60 year old man in the pool again.  I of course respond with the fact that I was faster than a man in his 30's.

That's right, I was swimming faster than a man that was close to my own age.  Obviously, he had no clue that we were racing, but I totally whipped his butt.

Score one for me.

Obviously I should probably mention that I a group of 12 year olds that attend "swim team" on Tuesday nights pass me like I am not even moving.  I chose to over look this because they should be passing the girl in her 30's that has never taken swim lessons before.  Their parents have paid a lot of money for them to be good at swimming. 

Of course not all of the kids can swim faster than me.  There is one chubby girl that I totally fly past.  That's right, along with beating a 60 year old man, a man in his 30's, I can also swim faster than a chubby 12 year old.  Like I said, when it comes to swimming, I have to take my props when I can get them.

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