Monday, February 10, 2014

Ironman Training: Week 1...

I was bragging to Ken about how I completely nailed my first week of Ironman Training.  He laughed, it was only week one, so it was easy.

Once again, I am not really following a plan to a T.  Being married to a training schedule is not how I like to roll.  Instead, I like to use a few different plans as a guide for what I should be doing each week. 

Currently I am mainly using Be Iron Fit by Don Fink. 

Without further ado, the stats from the first week:

Monday:  Rest day
Tuesday:  5 mile run on a snow day
Wednesday:  30 minute spin in the morning; 1500 m swim in the evening
Thursday:  1 hour spin on the trainer
Friday:  1600 m swim
Saturday:  1:15 minutes on the trainer; 15 minute transition run; 4 mile hike with Ken and Kya
Sunday:  7 mile run

Our snow does not really look like it is going to be melting anytime soon, so I will be at the gym pretty much everyday for the next few weeks. 

The life of an Ironman.

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