Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The One With the Swimsuit That is Two Sizes Too Small...

One thing about being small is that I never have to worry about guessing what size I wear.  If whatever it is that I am buying comes in an XS, that is the size I buy, no questions asked.

A few weeks ago I was online looking for a new swimsuit since my current suit went from acceptable to completely unacceptable over night.

Yes, it was seriously a borderline sagging boob incident.

Moving on...

I found this super cute suit that I ended up buying.

Yes, it looks like it has sequins.   Pink, leopard and faux sequins, someone stop me!

I immediately deemed it my suit for the swim portion of Ironman Louisville.  I mean, what person is not already planning their outfits for the big day?

I also decided that I should order another suit to throw in the rotation.

I quickly decided on this suit here since it has pink in it.  Without hesitation, I ordered an XS.

Not that is a bright suit!

The suits arrived and I was like a kid at Christmas.  I of course, wore the pink leopard, sparkly suit first.  I mean, this me we are talking about.

I grabbed the other suit a few days later and thought I would try it on.  Yeah.  That went well.

It was something out of Tommy Boy.  Imagine someone trying to squeeze themselves into a swimsuit that was clearly meant for a toddler.

I could not even get the thing on.  Instantly, my self esteem plummeted and I started thinking that perhaps all those cupcakes have been a little excessive. 

Of course I am not one to concede on cupcake eating, so I got the genius idea to compare the leopard sparkly suit that was also XS with the sausage wrapping suit.

I even brought in a second opinion.

Clearly there is an issue here

And yes, this is clearly a toddler sized suit.  I am sure this puppy is causing women everywhere to push away from the table.

Luckily, I know that I am healthy, well except for the high sugar intake, but potato, potatoe.

This suit will be going back wear it came from!  I am not exactly sure who can fit into an XS this tiny, but it is not this girl.

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