Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Love, Life, and Ironman...

When I crossed the finish line of Ironman Louisville on August 26, 2012, the furthest thing from my mind was doing another Ironman.  I had so much fun that day, but I was also relieved.  Relieved that I had made it through the swim, that I did not have a flat tire, and that I was not sick during the run. 

I am not sure if Ken remembers this or not, but when he hugged me at the finish line, he mentioned something to me about next time.  I remember thinking to myself, ha, next time.  Yeah right.  My spectating husband had been making mental notes about what he would do when and if there was a next time.  I feel 99% certain that this involves a pop-up tent, a cooler of beer, and few swipes of the ever important Body Glide.

There was a small part of me that wanted to sign up for Ironman Louisville 2013, but the other 99% of me said no way.  I think that 1% was when I was writing my race report.  I knew that I needed time not spending 7 hours on a Saturday working out.  I needed a break.

2013 has come and gone and the only thing I really did was half ass train and run a marathon.  While I had big plans to be super fast, I was just not into it.  As much as I cannot believe I am saying this, I missed Ironman training.  I longed for the long hours spent by myself just riding my bike.  I also in some sick way, missed riding up that hill at 159th and Mission where I throw out f-bombs while counting to get up the darn thing.  I longed for Friday night swims of just swimming and counting my strokes. 

Back in November I started really thinking.  I started thinking about maybe it is time. Maybe I should sign up for an Ironman in 2014.  I thought about it for six weeks or so, and then mentioned it to Ken.  As much as I thought he would laugh and offer up divorce papers, he looked at me with pride and told me to go for it.  His only rule just as it was the first time, is that I cannot half ass the training.  

While I was still considering registering, I got online and read a few race reports.  While I was reading different racer's thoughts from that day, my heart started pounding.  Reading about some one's swim in the Ohio River quickly brought me back to my own swim.  The panic and fear that I had that day.  That feeling had me feeling completely a live and excited.  Excited for the unknown of what a training season will bring.  Excited for another journey to the start line and to the finish line of one of the hardest endurance events that a person can do. 

I am a big believer that people should dream big.  Have goals that scare you and make your heart race.  As I was thinking about registering for the Ironman, I started thinking about all of the scary moments from the race.  I remembered how lucky I was not to have a flat tire during the race and deal with anxiety of changing it.  My heart started racing at the thought of it.  Even though I conquered the Ohio River in 2012, I am absolutely terrified at the thought jumping into that river again.  As I sit here with my heart racing and panic on my face, I realize that I have never felt more alive than I did during the Summer of 2012. 

Yes, there were dark spots during the training.  I have not forgotten about how exhausted I felt and how cranky I got.  With that being said, I have also not forgotten about the moment I crossed the finish line and Ken picked me up and gave me the biggest and best hug of my entire life.  I have not forgotten about the feeling of pride I felt for conquering my fears.  I have also not forgotten about the realization that I am the one that got me to the start line and finish line of an Ironman.  I was personally responsible for Every. Single. Mile.

With all of the hard training that happened, I was rewarded one hundred times over.  I want to experience it again.  Just one more time.  

I am very excited to say that with a lot of fear, excitement, and possibly even craziness, I have just registered for Ironman Louisville.

What better way to start off the New Year??


The CilleyGirl said...

Yay for Ironman part 2!

Heather said...

You are inspiring ;) So very proud of you!!

Emily said...

So exciting!! On top of classes for nursing school... now you're just showing off :P

Can't wait to hear/read all about it!

lindsay said...

woo hoo! and yay for such a supportive hubby. now no half-assing it!