Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Wrap 2013...

Lots of exciting stuff happened in 2013.  Let's have a look back at the year.


I started taking classes as part of my journey to become a Registered Nurse.

First day of class


We had back to back blizzards with record breaking snow.

She was pretty convinced that she work up in Siberia.


Ken said good-bye to Humberto and got a new car.  

Poor thing, he was blindsided.  


Kya and I ran our first official 5k.


Ken and I celebrated 4 years of marriage.

We also went to watch the Cardinals when there were in Kansas City.


We hiked Rim to Rim to Rim of the Grand Canyon for the third year in a row.


We went to St. Louis to watch the Cardinals and play around.


We went to yet another baseball game, but it was not the Cardinals.

Silliness, such silliness.


Ken and I took a trip to Colorado for a little fun.

We went to yet another baseball game.

Outside of Coors Field.


Michelle and I went to Chicago and I ran the Chicago Marathon for the third time.


I turned 33.


I got to go on a girls trip to NYC and I got to see the Rockefeller Tree!

Ken and I had a wonderful Christmas.

I am very excited for 2014.  We already have a big vacation planned that I am so excited about.  I also am hoping to have one big race on the schedule and I have a bet with my friend Mike that I can beat him in a half marathon.  

It should be a great year.

Happy New Year!!!

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