Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Fall!

Yay for Fall!

I have really been celebrating Fall since September 1st, but I thought it was necessary to show off all of the signs of Fall around our house.

Pumpkins are all over the house.

I am burning my Fall scents.

Fall M&M's have filled my candy dish.

Mums and pumpkins are on our front porch.

Not one but two Fall Southern Living magazines have arrived

Fall coffee creamers fill the fridge.

We had a super cool 60 degree day, which caused me to turn on my heated seat.  I may have been a little dramatic about it.

A cool day meant leggings and my new boots!  I was so excited.

Cool days means someone sleeps on the deck all day with her feet up against the house.

My favorite thing is that on Labor Day, our neighbor asked Ken what was with the pumpkins on the porch.  Ha!  Apparently he did not get the memo that Fall starts when Pumpkin Spice Lattes start being served at Starbucks.  That Joe.


Ian said...

We are soul/"sole" sisters. This post cracked me up. Add this to your repertoire: pumpkin spice cream cheese on a bagel. :-)

Ian said...

I hate google password fill-ins. That was me, Cori. :)