Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Good Wife...

Let me paint you a picture:

Imagine a boy and a girl celebrating four years of marriage and starting to discuss how to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.  It has already been agreed that they will take a special trip to celebrate such occasion. 

There was a little back and forth on deciding where to go.  Finally, it was decided that the beach was calling their name.  The destination:  Curacao.

Who would not want to go here?

A week of relaxing on the beach, drinking fruity drinks and wandering around the island?  Sign me up. 

I was also looking forward to snorkeling, since I no longer fear for my life in the open water.  I was going to redeem myself after our honeymoon where I panicked and almost did not jump off the boat.

Anyway, we were ready to book the trip, we were just waiting on the airline schedule to be released for the end of May.

That is when it happened.  An email popped into my inbox from our friend Jean.  For those of you who do not know, Jean is our friend that organizes our trip to the Grand Canyon each year for the hike.

Ken and I had already decided that we were not going to hike in 2014 no matter what so I was curious to see what the email said.  Then I read the title.  The title of the email was River to Rim Rafting Trip 2014.

My heart sank.  I immediately knew that Ken would want to go.

Damn it.

I read over the people on the list and knew that my sweet little celebration in the Caribbean was over.  I knew we would be going on this trip with our group of friends.

I knew that we would no longer celebrate our anniversary in a luxurious hotel room, but now we would be celebrating in a tent.  What a lucky girl I am.

I read over the information and realized that this trip involves camping.  And a weight limit on person items.  25 pounds.  25 pounds.  I have to pack for a week and can only take 25 pounds.

I tossed around the idea of pitching a fit.  I may have protested a bit about the camping.  In the end, I do know this is something that is really important to Ken and it is a one time thing.

This will be us next April

So I will be sleeping outside along the Colorado River for five nights.

I know.

Don't worry, Ken is making it up to me big time come next December.  Unfortunately for him, the trip to the Caribbean was upgraded to something even better.

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