Monday, August 26, 2013

Royals Game...

Ken had tickets to the Royals game from work, so on Saturday night we made our way to the game with Brian and Jill.

If I am being completely honest, Jill and I talked the entire time and did not play attention to the game at all.

I do love baseball, but since it was not the Cardinals, I was not super interested in watching the game.

The best part of the night was when Jill knocked her funnel cake fries over and had powdered sugar all over her arm.  It was like a cast of powered sugar.

We went over to the Hall of Fame area and Jill and I had a little fun.  

Being silly

We figured out that we could stand behind the number five and photo bomb people that were taking photos of the 5.  We were dying laughing.  I wonder how many pictures we were able to get into?

Jill demanded having her picture taken with this guy who was her favorite.  She claimed to be quite fond of his socks.  

I had to have my picture with this guy.  I liked his glasses.

After we left the Hall of Fame area, came a lot of silliness.  Including some pretty funny pictures with Slugger.

Ken dared me and who am I to not complete a dare.

Jill and Slugger in a compromising position.

Honestly, Jill and I were completely sober too.

Ken, Jill, and Brian

Ken and me and Ken's new beard

Jill and Brian

Ken with the bat that he was awarded at the game.  This is his serious look for those who do not recognize it.

Thanks for a fun night Brian and Jill!


Heather said...


1st of all it has been WAY too long since I have seen you! Your hair is crazy long & I love it :)

2nd - love the story behind the photo-bomb pic! Was crackin' up!

3rd - tell Ken HT is not a fan of the beard!

Miss you :(

Jill Dryer said...

SO MUCH FUN!! Thank you for inviting us!

Alex found out about our shenanigans in the Hall of Fame and he didn't seem to amused. He still loves me though! Brian is getting me a jersey for my birthday. LOL!