Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dance Party...

A few weeks ago we had the besties over for a little grilling.  It ended up turning into a little dance party with all of us gathered in the living room watching Avery and Evan dance.  They were quite the crowd pleasers.

These two were down right getting jiggy with it

The love to break it down with a little Pitt Bull

Along with the dancing came some Husky Chasin'

It was also discovered that Avery LOVES Kya.  She followed Kya around all night.  Jill may have inquired about how much Kya charges per hour to babysit.  Kya may have responded with there is no amount of money in the world that would cause me to watch two children!  She was so good with them, just confused as to what the little people were doing in her house.  :)

This girl is such a mess!  

I love these three girls so much!

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