Saturday, June 8, 2013

Grand Canyon Trip...Day 2: Sedona and the GC!

I woke up Friday morning and ran six miles.  I also included a little bit of fun speed work.  I figured I should treat myself to some fun, since I am on vacation and all.  :)

After breakfast, we make the drive to Sedona.  Now I love Sedona.  In case you have never been there, you should definitely plan on visiting there.  Ken and I have hiked and spent time at the Hilton pool a few times and absolutely love it.  

Driving in and getting to see Rolo Rock!  It is really called Bell Rock, but I renamed it.  

When we arrive in Sedona, we head straight to L'auberge for truffle fries, I mean lunch.  There is a beautiful creek that runs behind the hotel and restaurant.  For a minute, you almost forget that you are in the desert.

Ken and Patrick sharing some man time at the creek

A picture of the ducks is mandatory.  I did manage to catch the one duck sticking his head in the water grabbing something for lunch.

Katie and Mary

Just killing a little time waiting on truffle fries

Enjoying lunch with Jena and Sal.  Jena was such a trooper.  She was one of our Rim Wranglers that drives a 13 passenger van and transports our stuff.  She was so much fun.  It was also her birthday.  Happy Birthday Jena!!!

Before leaving, we decided to take a few prom pictures in the gazebo.  Me, Jen, Jean (our trip organizer), Patrick (our Chief Rim Wrangler), and Jena

We leave Sedona, make a quick stop in Flagstaff, and next thing you know, we made it to this hole in the ground!

I think Ken suddenly remembered just how long of a hike this is.

Abby and I are both very excited about the hike in the morning

A shot of the trail and Indian Gardens.  We hike along this trail the second day of the hike on our way back from the North Rim.  It is hard to believe that this section of green is inside the Grand Canyon.

We love the Grand Canyon!

Mary, Katie, me, and Abby, all ready to tackle the South Rim to North Rim hike in the morning!

After taking pictures around the rim, Ken and I were wandering around and over heard talk of California Condors hanging out around the rim.  We did find them as well and took a few pictures.  In case you are unaware, there are only 200 California Condors living in the wild.  

May I introduce Condor #23.

Condor #30

A different view of Mr. 23.  This was my third year to visit the Canyon and it was my first time to see a California Condor.  Ken was lucky enough to see one last year.

On the hike from the North Rim to the South Rim, you are able to see this flag pole when you are about four miles from the top.  

A shot of three mile house, which is three miles from the top of the South Rim.

Our crew having dinner at El Tovar

After dinner, Ken, Jena, Sal, and I went to get ice cream.  Unfortunately the ice cream shop was closed but I did get to see this guy:

Mr. Elk was enjoying a snack on the lawn.

Up next is the hike from the South Rim to the North Rim!

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