Friday, June 7, 2013

Grand Canyon Trip...Day 1: A Day at the Pool...

Ken and I just returned from our annual Grand Canyon hiking trip.  To say this was the best year yet, would be an understandment.  I am not sure that I have ever laughed so hard in my life.  I am pretty sure we have the funniest friends ever.

We start the first day off by flying into Phoenix and lounging poolside at the Hilton Tapito Cliffs resort.  Sounds like a horrible start to a vacation doesn't it?

I should probably tell a quick story about our flight.  It seems Ken and I have been having bad luck with weirdos sitting near us.  There was this grown man in his 50's that sat in front of Ken's seat.  He was turning around in an awkward position and his hand kept touching Ken's leg while he was sleepy.  As if that was not creepy enough, the guy took his shoes off and had smelly feet.  But, the smell of his feet did not drown out the smell of his farts as he was blowing up on the plane.  And no, I am not joking.

Abby and me on the plane

Not a bad view for a Thursday

There are always shennigans at the pool.  One of us in the KJ household usually has too much to drink.  I am sure you will never guess which one of us that is. 

Mary, me, Abby, and Katie
Mary had found this little slice of shade and we hung out here for hours.

With my love

Ken, Katie, and Patrick showing off his massive biceps

My crew, they were all so fun!

Having a blast drinking white sangria by the pool!

Our friend Sal was unable to make it on the trip last year. The poor guy was in London watching the Olympics.  I know, I feel sorry for him too.  Anyway, the first year, Sal (who will now be known as Salvado) was ordering up Mud Slides.  I really missed him last year because I was drinking my mud slide solo.  Not this year.  :)

Salvado and me enjoying our mud slides!

A little double fisting was going on at this point!

Definitely a fun day by the pool!

After our day at the pool, we all headed to dinner.

Our entire group

And just in case there was any question about who was causing shennigans by the pool, I think this photo speaks for itself.  I am sure the dry air is the reason Ken's eyes are so red, right?

Up next, we travel to the Grand Canyon!

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