Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 13...

I am a little behind on pretty much everything these days!  I am keeping up with taking my pictures, just a little behind on posting them.  Hopefully, I will catch up this week.

Day 85:  Another night of Chemistry is in the books.  Have I mentioned I do not like Organic Chemistry.  At. All.

Day 86:  Angel decided to model for me before bed.

Day 87:  A rough morning definitely deserves a latte.

Day 88:  I could not resist stopping for a Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke and a corn dog, which I enhaled.  :)

Day 89:  Wishing, hoping, and praying the squirrel falls and not quite sure what she would do if it does. :)

Day 90:  We had dinner with Rob and Michelle 

Day 91:  It was the perfect morning for an Easter morning run with my girl.  

Day 92:  I was studying Anatomy and Ken came in and asked if he could take me to Starbucks for a latte.  Could he be any sweeter?  A latte and Anatomy, what a great combination.

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