Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Day at the Zoo...

Easter Sunday was such a gorgeous day in Kansas City.  It was so gorgeous out that we decided to do something I had not done in quite a long time, go to the zoo.  

I was so excited!  I had not been to the Kansas City Zoo since I was 18.  I will say that I do view the zoo differently now as an adult.  The polar bear exhibit completely broke my heart.  The two polar bears do the same thing over and over again.  It was sad.

I tried not to let the polar bear exhibit bother me and continue about the day.  The rest of the exhibits seemed to show animals in much better habitats.  :)

Just stopping to display that I am clearly taller than 42 inches.  No height stick needed for me.  :)

Ken checking out the Hippos.  I may or may not have been singing I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.  

I am thinking that the Elephants might just be my favorite animal.

Or maybe the lions.  I love some lions.

We were able to leave just in time before the zoo became stroller hell.  It was such a beautiful day to spend outside at the zoo.

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