Friday, April 26, 2013

Leawood Midnight Run...

I have a confession to make.  Up until a week ago, I had never run a 5K before. 


I know, I know, I have run eight marathons, too many half marathons to count, and even completed an Ironman, but I have never run an organized 5K before.  Ken did inform me that most people run a 5K as their first race before progressing to other distances.  Well, I am not most people. 

The first race I ever signed up for was a marathon.  I did run a half marathon about four weeks prior to the marathon, making it my very first race.  I know I have pointed this out before but I will mention it again (mainly because I love the look of panic on people's faces), Ironman Louisville was my first and ONLY triathlon I have participated in.  Boom.

Basically, I dream big. 

So on Friday last week, we were watching all of the drama unfold with the Boston Bomber (we are thrilled they caught that loser, by the way), Ken read that the Leawood Midnight run for Special Olympics was happening right near our house.  We joked about going, I may have told Ken that I was unsure if I could stay up until midnight.  Ken and I had both already completed our runs for the day and debated about going.

Yes, you read that correctly, Ken finished his run as well.  God bless his long legs. 

We decided that it would be fun to go and take Kya.  I mean, what kind of husky has not run in a race before?  She was super excited and a little bit confused as to why her mama was getting dressed to run at 11:00 at night, but she cooperated. 

It was a fun little race, Kya and I ran the 5K and Ken ran the one mile race.  Yes, Ken ran in a race.  Maybe I can get him to like running?  I finished the 5K in 25:00 minutes.  I actually really enjoyed the 5K and would like to run another one to see how fast I can run one.  I would also like to run one that does not start at midnight, which is way past my bedtime. 

It was quite cold out.  Kya was just certain that the bucket was full of water, just for her.  She was sadly mistaken not once, but twice as she was complaining about how hot it was outside.  No water in the bucket. 

See you next year Leawood Midnight Run!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 14...

Day 98:  I always end my day with watching Friends.  Can you guest which episode this is?  I will give you a hint:  Electrifying

Day 100:  I love when the UPS man drops off packages at my door.  It is like Christmas in April!

Day 101:  Kitty snuggles while Ken is working late.

Day 102:  I think she is hoping that if she offers me kisses, I will stop making her pose for pictures.  Sorry Kya.

Day 103:  I am thankful for GiGi's!

Day 104:  Yes, I am reading Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies.

Day 105:  Three of my Sweeties.

A Day at the Zoo...

Easter Sunday was such a gorgeous day in Kansas City.  It was so gorgeous out that we decided to do something I had not done in quite a long time, go to the zoo.  

I was so excited!  I had not been to the Kansas City Zoo since I was 18.  I will say that I do view the zoo differently now as an adult.  The polar bear exhibit completely broke my heart.  The two polar bears do the same thing over and over again.  It was sad.

I tried not to let the polar bear exhibit bother me and continue about the day.  The rest of the exhibits seemed to show animals in much better habitats.  :)

Just stopping to display that I am clearly taller than 42 inches.  No height stick needed for me.  :)

Ken checking out the Hippos.  I may or may not have been singing I want a hippopotamus for Christmas.  

I am thinking that the Elephants might just be my favorite animal.

Or maybe the lions.  I love some lions.

We were able to leave just in time before the zoo became stroller hell.  It was such a beautiful day to spend outside at the zoo.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Photo a Day...Week 13...

I am a little behind on pretty much everything these days!  I am keeping up with taking my pictures, just a little behind on posting them.  Hopefully, I will catch up this week.

Day 85:  Another night of Chemistry is in the books.  Have I mentioned I do not like Organic Chemistry.  At. All.

Day 86:  Angel decided to model for me before bed.

Day 87:  A rough morning definitely deserves a latte.

Day 88:  I could not resist stopping for a Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke and a corn dog, which I enhaled.  :)

Day 89:  Wishing, hoping, and praying the squirrel falls and not quite sure what she would do if it does. :)

Day 90:  We had dinner with Rob and Michelle 

Day 91:  It was the perfect morning for an Easter morning run with my girl.  

Day 92:  I was studying Anatomy and Ken came in and asked if he could take me to Starbucks for a latte.  Could he be any sweeter?  A latte and Anatomy, what a great combination.